Off to NAVC…

NAVC Ignite! Vetstreet symposium; seems like half of Twitter is attending the North American Veterinary Community 2014!

…and so am I…

NAVC Ignite! is the event I’ve been involved in; t’s a series of 15 minute talks and breakout sessions on the big challenges facing the veterinary profession. It’s interesting that in many ways the US and UK profession have interesting similarities! Come by Canary 1-4 at NAVC in Orlando!

I’ll be glad to see you – as will Mark Cushing, Dani McVety, Eden Myers the ringleader, Andy Roark, Don Plumb, Tracy Witte, Jenny Vermilya, Dianne Shannon, Elliott Garber (through the miracle of computer-powered technology!), Eric Schulze, Julie LeGred, Pamela Okerholm, Terry Tomlin, and Oregon’s US Representative Kurt Schraeder.

Just having this much awesome in a room will probably violate building and safety codes! It’s on 21 January 2014 and it’s on all day!

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