NAVC: Ignite! What a Ride

I’m back from NAVC 2014, and ‘impressed’ is the word I’d have to go with. Either that or ‘big’. More than 15,000 people were in two of the biggest conference venues I’d ever seen; with more than 1200 lectures to pick from. I even helped organize one – NAVC Ignite!, which went up on the 21st of January, 2014.

Ignite! is something a little different. Think Clinical Research Abstract meets TED talk. NAVC Ignite! is the brainchild of Eden Myers, the vet behind JustVetData. Instead of hour long lectures, every speaker has 15 minutes to propose an idea, a concept, or some of the underlying issues behind the big challenges facing veterinary medicine. The big deal? Cover your ears, anyone of a sensitive nature: not all the speakers were vets.

Yes, that’s right; we went inside and outside the profession. We tackled education, change, suicide, meditation, politics, burnout, and more! For a look at the full layout of the day, NAVC Ignite! has a Facebook page with a list of speakers and topics. Great fun was had, and I was honored to be a part of it.

Looking for more about NAVC? I’ve got a new blog up at Vet In Practice. (Spoilers: NAVC’s really big!)

Stay tuned for big changes on coming soon!


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