My name is Mark Hedberg. DVM, MRCVS.

I’m a veterinary surgeon from the USA, with clinical experience in the Middle East and the United Kingdom. I studied in Hungary, and began my professional career in Saudi Arabia, where I was a vet in a small veterinary hospital in Jeddah.

I’ve performed vet visits and neutering clinics in many other Saudi cities, doing operations on anything from a surgical table to a ping-pong table. Following that I spent two years in a multi-branch practice in Kent, where my work involved providing affordable yet effective veterinary care to my patients. I currently run a CPD programme for a veterinary nurse training college in Cambridgeshire. I have a keen interest in overseas veterinary work and continuing education in the first opinion world.

My big interest is team development, new graduate support, and helping vets cope with the challenges and stresses in today’s veterinary environment.

I write articles on practice management and new graduate issues, and maintain a blog here and at vetinpractice.co.uk. I also do proofreading and copywriting for veterinary projects, and I’ve moderated translations of veterinary texts as well.

I’m also available for public speaking events – I try to keep it interesting and I avoid overrunning the schedule.

The long version of my life is longer and crazier, but “it seemed like a good idea at the time” covers things rather nicely.

Website Credits:

Many thanks to Ali B of http://www.inkspotcreative.com/ for what she is about to do to this site in the next few weeks – making it do the voodoo it needs to do!

Additional thanks to Mike Brampton of Thames Medical (http://thamesmedical.blogspot.com/)  for originally setting up and installing WordPress on this site, and helping me come to grips with the techie side of things. I owe much gratitude to a one of life’s true good guys on this one.

As for me – well, If you see me at a show, please say hello!

Best wishes,

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